Press Office Consultancy

Press Office JWSPress Office Consultancy – getting the very best from your press office team.

When talking to personal finance journalists we frequently hear stories of large companies with big in-house press office teams who consistently fail to deliver even the most basic service to their customers – the journalists themselves.

Press offices exist to engage and communicate with journalists, to impart information clearly and be able to respond to requests quickly and efficiently. If a journalist doesn’t get a great service from your press office you can bet the next time they need help with a story they’ll be calling your competitors instead.

Jason Wyer-Smith has ten years experience working in award winning press office teams. If your company is struggling to engage with journalists and generate positive media coverage, perhaps it’s time to look closer to home.

As part of our Press Office consultancy service we’ll take a thorough look at how your company engages with the media. We’ll audit your press office processes and garner honest feedback on your performance directly from the people you’re trying to impress, top personal finance journalists. In short, we’ll troubleshoot all aspects of your press office from the people to the press releases.

Once we understand what you’re trying to achieve we’ll present a detailed action plan designed to quickly get your press office working effectively and set them on the road to building strong relationships with journalists and the media. Then we’ll stay on board to oversee and guide your progress for as long as you need us to.

Email me at [email protected] if you want to get the ball rolling or just to arrange a chat.